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Thank you for your help and support, for volunteering, donating and giving of yourselves. ICA is committed to serving our community.

ICA was founded by Niti and Sanjay Srivastav to celebrate Indian art and culture, to bring our diverse communities together, to work to end discrimination and suffering in our community. SEVA is at the heart of Indian culture and it means to serve others. ICA exists to serve those in need.


What happens when disaster strikes? True to Indian teachings of ahimsa, of helping others and living life with a spirit of seva (service), where charity is held as a noble deed to be done without expectation of any return from those who receive it, the Indian Cultural Association (ICA) mobilized in response to covid. ICA's philosophy is to serve our neighbors and our larger community. ICA's a rag tag team of volunteers set out to feed our hungry neighbors.  Everyday we have been fighting for struggling families in Maryland. ICA has had an impact on tens of thousands of our neighbors.