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Hunger in America

Over 40 million Americans, more than 12 million children suffer from hunger. One in four families in Maryland is food insecure.

ICA tackles hunger in our community. We are committed to helping families in need.

A staggering one in four Maryland families face food insecurity. 

The ICA team distributed food from the Miller library every Saturday and Sunday during the months of may and May and June, 2020. 

ICA distributed approximately 40,000 lbs of food from the Miller Library. Since then ICA has expanded its food distribution efforts - the Lentil.   

COVID - 19 has created an environment of fear and suffering. Fear for our lives and that of our loved ones, suffering on a scale not seen in a century. Our world has changed. Food, shelter, stress, anxiety and worry about the basics of life are the new normal for so many of our neighbors. Things we once took for granted are no more. Hunger and food insecurity is on the rise. ICA is working on a number of community service projects to help alleviate suffering in our communities.  ICA's on-going programs include: Food Distribution, Mental Health Awareness. ICA tackles hunger in our community through its pantry which we have lovingly called the "Lentin"     

June 24, 2020 at the Miller Library, Ellicott City, MD. 

We are thankful to the Sherriff's department and the States Attorneys office who graciously showed up to help unload and distribute a truckload of food on this day.  Like us on Facebook for updates and pantry locations


If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.  EMAIL:


In this time of crisis. it is critical that you LIKE & SHARE our FACEBOOK posts so that the maximum number of people are aware that help is out there and that ICA is here to help.


Find us (Pop-up pantry) at the MILLER BRANCH LIBRARY (Ellicott City) every Saturday and Sunday in May & June (4:00pm - 6:00pm).

Saturday, June 6, 2020 - Having some fun in the 90 degrees grueling heat while serving our community. We had fun at the ICA POP-UP Food Pantry at the Miller Library in Ellicott City, MD and helped a lot of people. Visit us every Saturday and Sunday between 4pm and 6pm in June. ICA exists to serve and is thankful to all its donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

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