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This year has been challenging for so many. We will need to work together to help put food on the table of families in our community and alleviate hunger among so many affected by the pandemic.

Every dollar you give can help provide healthy, nutritious meals to families in need this holiday.

Nearly 25% of Marylanders are food insecure, meaning they are not certain about where there next meal will come from or they will be making a choice between paying essential bills or buying food for their families.

1 in 4 children and 1 in 6 adults are food insecure. 9% of Maryland residents fall below the Federal Poverty Line and 30% are considered the working poor; despite their best efforts, aren't able to make ends meet.
You will be surprised to learn that these are 2018 figures. 

ICA has distributed more than 1,600,000 pounds of food to more than 100,000 hungry families. ICA has distributed more food to Howard County residents than the Howard Food Bank during the pandemic.

Minority communities, mostly of color have been hardest hit. They were struggling before the pandemic and not face real hunger. You can help!


SEVA - Service to our community and on to one another.

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Thank you!  We rely on you to continue our work.

$    25.00    can help feed a child for a week
$  100.00    can help a family help stock a family's pantry shelves.
$  500.00    can help ICA establish a new food supply.
$ 1,000.00  can help ICA expand its food distribution to help more families


Happy Children

Here is a short video of our fight to end hunger in our community.

Below are a few simple ways you can help:

• Make a donation

• Host a fundraiser

• Help us get the word out on social media
Share, tag, and like our posts

• Share photos on your social platform about what our organization means to you.

Thanks to you, we will feed our neighbors when they need it most. Much gratitude for your contribution.


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