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ICA's COVID-19 Response - 2,300,000 lbs. of food distributed to needy families in our community. During the pandemic, ICA has distributed more food to needy families than the Howard County food bank, with the help of more than 350 volunteers. 


End Systemic Racism in the food system and in every aspect of life in  Howard County.

More than 230,000 Families, nearly 2,000,000 meals

Free Hot Meals for Kids

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1 in 4 children in the U.S. are food insecure

We all know the pangs in our stomach or the emptiness in our head when we haven't eaten, but have you ever experienced hunger? 

40 million Americans, more than 12 million children live with food insecurity - that sensation of emptiness and pangs of hunger, sometimes till it hurts.  Hunger and lack of nutrition affect everything from brain chemistry, physical health, resistance to disease, our very existence. 


Children cannot learn on an empty stomach.

A staggering one in four Maryland families faces food insecurity.  ICA tackles hunger in our community. We are committed to helping families in need.

Dec. 30, 2020

ICA distributed over 20,000 lbs at the Miller library on 12/30. ICA has distributed over 1 million pounds of food to the needy during the pandemic (over 80,000 families, 833,000 meals).

Pictures from Some of our Distributions

The Indian Cultural Association was founded by Niti and Sanjay Srivastav to celebrate Indian culture, to bring our diverse communities together and to preserve it for the next generation. Indian Culture is about embracing all people regardless of background, color, ethnicity or faith.  India is a land of peace and non-violence toward all. See the divine in all creatures big and small, respect all, love all.  

A core Indian value is SEVA. ICA was formed to serve our community!

Dec. 05, 2020