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What are your health care wishes if you are unable to speak for yourself?

If you haven't appointed a healthcare representative and let your wishes known, others might decide if you live or die, or if you receive life saving treatment. WHAT DO YOU WANT? It happens more often than you realize. Preapre an Advanced Directive Today.

Ask us how!
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We are honored to work with the Horizon Foundation to increase awareness about this very important healthcare initiative.
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According to the Horizon Foundation, "Ninety percent of people say that it’s important to talk with loved ones about the health care they would want if they were unable to communicate with their providers.

Yet only 27 percent have had that conversation.

Speak(easy) Howard encourages peop21le to take two critical first steps in advance care planning: to speak with loved ones about their health care wishes and to identify a health care agent who can communicate these wishes if they are unable to speak for themselves.

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