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ICA distributed food to needy families through multiple sites on September 11, 2020.  ICA has provided a lifeline to struggling families during this pandemic. ICA and its team distributed food (Est. 40,000 lbs) to over fifteeen (1,500) hundred families on this day. We are proud of those who walk with us, our dedicated volunteers. Here are a few pics from one of the distribution sites.  

What happens when disaster strikes? True to Indian teachings of ahimsa, of helping others and living life with a spirit of seva (service), where charity is held as a noble deed to be done without expectation of any return from those who receive it, the Indian Cultural Association (ICA) mobilized in response to covid. ICA's philosophy is to serve our neighbors and our larger community. ICA's a rag tag team of volunteers resolved to feed our hungry neighbors.  Everyday we have been fighting for struggling families in Maryland. ICA has had an impact on tens of thousands of our neighbors.


ICA is dedicated to SEVA (a Sanskrit word for service) and, social responsibility. These are troubled times.  We stand together to eradicate hunger in our community.

Follow us on Facebook for updates and pantry locations. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact us.  EMAIL: 410-567-6599. 

Know us by our deeds.

ICA was founded by Niti and Sanjay Srivastav to celebrate Indian culture, to bring our diverse communities together, to work to end discrimination and suffering in our community. SEVA is at the heart of Indian culture and it means to serve others. ICA exists to serve those in need.


We are able to what we do because of our dedicated volunteers. We rely on our over 100 volunteers to implement our projects - Food distribution and other programing which are designed to not only engage the community, but to serve those in need.

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Fighting Hunger

September 11, 2020

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Contact us if you are in need of asssitance.

ICA would like to help



High School Essay Contest

Know a gifted young person? Ask them to enter the


First prize $250.00

Youth Services

ICA YLC is organizing educational programs, internships, scholarships and will hold contests periodically. Visit ICA YLC for the latest. 

New to the Area?

If you're new to Howard County, contact us. We will connect you with community services, activities, dance, music, and the food scene, or even if you want a friend, 


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