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ICA is a volunteer effort

We rely on help from our friends in the community!

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Over 40 million Americans, more than 12 million children suffer from hunger.
One in four families in Maryland is food insecure.

Hunger in America



As a part of ICA's covid response, ICA is distributing food to needy families in our communities and free meals to children. TO DATE, ICA HAS DISTRIBUTED OVER 1 MILLION LBS OF FOOD.  We thank our hundreds of volunteers who show up week after week to help distribute food to the needy.  All of our programing is heavily dependent on volunteers. If you can spare a couple of hours for your neighbors, join ICA. Email us:

The Lentil

The ICA Food Pantry
Lentil tackles hunger and food insecurity by delivering dry foods to families in need - the elderly, disabled and underprivileged.  


Adopt a Senior

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and would like to

share with the community


If you have special skills 

We owe our elders, seniors in our community - let's help. If you are able to offer your time, are available to help someone in need, for a doctor's appointment to translate for someone with a language barrier, can help with transportation, deliver groceries/meals, or with a doctors appointment, please contact us, we could use your help.


Please register today to adopt a senior in your community.

Interested in an activity - EMAIL us.

Language Classes

ICA offer classes in a variety of the commonly used Indian languages


ICA intends to arrange BOLLYWOOD dance classes.

Yoga and Meditation


Thanks for submitting!

Become an ICA Volunteer

Yoga and meditation workshops. If you are interested, please register.


We will announce other programs and activities in the near future.

Please subscribe and LIKE our Facebook page.  We will keep you updated.

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