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ICA distributes over 700,000 lbs of food to needy families.

Interview with our Founder

Celebrating our Art, Customs, Culture & Heritage. Serving our people.


24% of families in Maryland arre food insecure. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense pain and suffering to families in our community. ICA has been distributing food and pantry supplies to those in need in our community. "Seva" selfless service to those in need is a core belief in Indian culture. We are here to help. If you need help, please contact us - Email:, or Phone: 410-567-6599

Namaste is a common greeting among Indians everywhere. We bow slightly and clasp our hands to say hello,  good bye, thank you and to express gratitude. There is a deeper meaning, it says: I bow to the divine in you. Indians (Hindu) see the divine in everything, in each other, in all living beings, each and every creature. it calls upon us to do no harm onto others and to live life gently. Namaste everyone!  

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Contact us if you are in need of assistance.

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Kindness is Divine

ICA is a volunteer effort. We rely on help from our friends in the community!

Youth Services

ICA Youth is organizing educational programs, internships, scholarships and will hold contests periodically. Visit ICA Youth for the latest. 

New to the Area?

If you're new to Howard County, contact us. We will connect you with community services, activities, dance, music, and the food scene, or even if you want a friend,