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Welcome to ICA-Howard

A forum for the Indian Diaspora.

The Indian Cultural Association (ICA) is a Tax-Exempt, non-profit Organization. 

The Indian Cultural Association was formed to bring the diverse communities of Howard County together through programs, events, resources, community outreach, wellness programs, and community support services to address the cultural, physical, and emotional needs of the large Indian population in Howard County and those of the community at large.

A message from ICA Founders: We celebrate Indian culture and serve our people.. ICA's programing is designed to help UNITE the people from the Indian subcontinent, to help preserve its culture and traditions, to pass on our cultural heritage to the next generation. It is also our goal to unite our diverse communities.  

Indian Americans are the largest immigrant community in Howard County. We are diverse, multi-ethnic with vibrant Indian communities. Both Howard County and Maryland are vibrant representations of the numerous cultures and religions from around the world. ICA brings people together around Indian culture, its song, its dance, its food and its vibrant culture.

ICA promotes the vibrant culture and heritage of India through various cultural, social, civic and other activities. We engage in activities designed to better our community through programing focused on the most vulnerable in our communities. Our COVID response has meant SEVA, serving those in need. ICA has distributed more food to struggling families in Howard County than the Howard County Food Bank. We have distributed about 1 million pounds of food to needy families. 

India is a diverse country with all races and religions living peacefully together. it is an ancient land of Yoga, meditation and ahimsa. Indian culture is more than 10,000 years old. We see the divine in everyone and everything. We celebrate diversity. We celebrate life. We serve our community.

ICA is supported by volunteers from local businesses, medical and other professionals. If you would like to join and volunteer, send us an email to team@ICAHoward.org.


Welcome to the Indian Cultural Association of Howard County.  ICA exists to serve YOU Here, you will find fun activities, events and resources for the Indian community. JOIN ICA and LIKE us on Facebook.



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Youth Services

ICA Youth is organizing educational programs, internships, scholarships and will hold contests periodically. Visit ICA Youth for the latest. 

New to the Area?

If you're new to Howard County, contact us. We will connect you with community services, activities, dance, music, and the food scene, or even if you want a friend,