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End Hunger

ICA tackled hunger in our community during the pandemic. 

More than one in three families in Howard County are food insecure.


ICA has distributed over 2.7 Million pounds of food (as of May, 2021) to struggling families during the pandemic. Over 1.9 million meals.

Recognized by the MD Governor for service to our community


OUR FOOD DISTRIBUTIONS and Hunger alleviation programs continue to expand to meet the challenges of apparent asuffering in our community.



More food distributed to hungry families during the pandemic than the Howard County Food Bank.


Covered by the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Columbia Flyer, TV Asia, Patch, The Baltimore Ravens and other. 


1 in 3 Howard County families is food insecure.

9% of people are below the poverty line. 29% on top of that are the working poor, struggling to pay their bills.

ICA has distributed foods at churches, temples, apartment complexes, Nursing homes, Community Centers, Trailer Park communities, etc. 

Tackling Hunger in our Neighborhoods

ICA's Little Free Pantries offer support to struggling communities.
We deliver a mechanism to alleviate hunger on site. The concept is simple - Take whatever you need. Give whatever you can.

We have installed LFPs (Little Free Pantries) throughout Howard County.

LFP RO.jpg

ICA has over 10,000 followers. together with their families ICA forms the largest cultural organization in the region. 

ICA events have been attended by over 60,000 people. This has meant that we have been able to touch the lives of tens of thousands of people. Our festivals promote a sense of community, sharing, diversity and help to break down barriers between people of all different backgrounds, race, religion, color and other.

Sharing Indian Culture

Arts & Culture
Over 60,000 people have attended ICA events

Indian culture promotes the oneness of  humanity, the oneness of all creation. This is very important in the times we live. Peace to all.


Festivals of the sort Howard County have not seen before - Howard County Fairgrounds 
"Largest single day attendance". The Festival of India was attended by more than 15,000 people of all races, all cultures, all colors and all religions (2019).

Promoting Inclusivity, Acceptance, Diversity.

AN END TO HATE AND RACISM Improve Diversity, Racial Equity, Serve those in need.


Selfless service without expectation of anything in return.

The suffering of SENIORS 63% of Households led by seniors choose between food and utilities


in our community

No Id required. No hassle. All are welcome in our food lines. We serve with gratitude.

28% of are considered the working poor who despite their best efforts are unable to pay their bills and struggle to put food on their tables. 

Serving every community regardless of race, color, ethnicity, color or country of origin.

22% of the kids in Howard County fall below the poverty line.

1 in 4 kids children in Howard County are hungry

Bringing Our Community Together with Over 350 volunteers.

OUR SERVICE has IMPACTED tens of thousands of people.

Since the pandemic began, ICA has led the COVID19 hunger relief efforts in the County. We have distributed over 2.3 million pounds of food to struggling families – more than the Howard County Food Bank. We are able to sustain this effort with the help of more than 350 volunteers.

We have been out there every week, in the snow, rain, and blistering heat to help our neighbors and fellow Howard County residents.

ICA has inspired Howard County citizens into giving of themselves. ICA started its food distribution with 3 volunteers. We now have a pool of 350+ volunteers who have become a part of the ICA family.

Distributions have taken place at Schools, Libraries, Temples, Churches, Gurudwaras, Apartment complexes, Senior homes, Apartment complexes, Trailer parks, Homeless/Women’s shelters, with deliveries to individual families. We have dedicated our lives to serving those in need and spreading kindness.

There are many words of appreciation and pictures available on the ICA Facebook page.

Blogpost by Rohini:

"She looked up and said that her family hadn’t had a proper meal in three days. That look of desperation in her eyes is imprinted on my brain..."

A video by a volunteer Ashley talks about ICA and our SEVA. 'SEVA' in Hindi means selfless service to others without expecting anything in return. SEVA is the guiding principle of ICA. We are grateful to be able to serve and we serve with humility.


ICA received the prestigious 2021 #MDStrong Award from the Governor of Maryland

AARP Maryland Andrus Award

ICA youth volunteers received the Baltimore Ravens Honor Row Award

Coverage by TV Asia:




Washington Post


Article in Patch:

Baltimore Sun

Columbia Flyer

ICA has engaged in public service (SEVA) since its formation. Some of our activities have included:

Health Fairs
Brining healthcare to low income neighborhoods.

Mental Health
Programing to diminish the stigma associated with mental illness.

Senior Socials
Seniors often face social isolation, depression and loneliness. Our 60+ programing brings seniors together.

Antakshari & Music Programs
Music programing for the community

Cultural Programs & Festivals

ICA festivals are large often attracting upward of 10 to 15,000 people. These are designed to celebrate Indian culture and bring our diverse communities together.

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