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Our Impact

ICA has impacted tens of thousands of lives with its community service. There are many words of appreciation. Some are mentioned below. It is our honor to serve you and we are truly humbled by your support.

All ICA programming and events have been free of admission cost. Our doors have always been open to all, no questions asked.

Amazing job you did for people who needs extra help. It was a wonderful celebration . Every body enjoyed it. They didn’t believe you did this wonderful action . Too much work for staff and too much happiness for people who got those gifts. Love this organization 

Fay M.

Thank you for being there for the Howard County community. The volume of food you have distributed is phenomenal, and the fact that you have done it without any government support is very humbling. Bless you and all of your hard-working, dedicated volunteers.

Lynn H.

There's no words that can Express how grateful and bless I'm to receive your help and support to delivered boxes of food to people without transportation. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you Mr. Sanjay, Mrs. Niti and every single volunteer. May God always bless you all.

Lillian G.

Thank you all for supporting the many people in Howard County who are in need. You all have been so kind, respectful and generous. I can’t believe that with all you’ve done you’ve received no support from the government. Thank you again for all you do.

Tricia E.

“Today I went to the Miller Library with my daughter to pick up food for our family. I had recently heard of this event, being a single mom during Covid has brought tough times. I saw everyone working together, getting the families boxes of food, so many of their staff wished me well and have kind blessings and all were smiling. I drove home crying, grateful tears for the help my family received. I was proud my daughter witnessed such kindness and that she saw proof that our community will help support its people. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart to the Indian Cultural Association. Truly grateful for the food I received and the kindness.”


Thank you for serving the needy of our community. You and your team of dedicated volunteers have gone above an beyond. Whatever comes next, know that the people of Howard County are grateful!

Kathleen K.

Thank you for all you and the ICA have done. You have changed the world and made it a better place. You have prevented adults and children from going to bed hungry and you have saved lives.

Julie R.

We have watched and admired the work and dedication of your volunteers in all kinds of weather these past months. Thank you ICA for your faithful commitment to feed our community.

Meg T.

Very, very grateful for Sanjay and the Indian Cultural Association for this selfless service and helping the community that was in so much need I advocate for seniors where I live and has been much appreciated

Perez W.

ICA of Howard county has been a blessing through this pandemic. I’ve been to a good bit of their free food giveaways. They are truly a wonderful group people doing what they can helping several families get by. I highly recommend going to one of their events they really are so sweet and I’m so gracious that they have been able to provide myself and many others with fresh fruit vegetables and dairy products!

Christy V.

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